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Six week-long beach body program

Exercise Details – to be performed 3 times per week 

Step Ups.

Stand facing a step or stair. Step up with one foot placing whole flat of foot on step. Step up with other foot then step down one foot at a time. Repeat. Weeks 1-3 x3 mins, Weeks 4-6 x5 mins 

Chest press.

Lie on back holding a weight in each hand. Bend arms so elbows are at 90 degrees palms facing forward. Extend arms up till nearly straight, return to start position. Repeat. Weeks 1-3 x16 reps, 1Weeks 4-6 x6 reps x 2 sets 

Glute raise.

Kneel on all fours.Lift right leg behind bending at knee with sole of the foot flat and facing the ceiling. This is the starting position. Lift right leg up a few inches and squeeze buttock, then return to starting position. Repeat and then swap to other leg., Weeks 1-3 x16 reps each leg, Weeks 4-6 x16 reps x 2 sets 


Stand feet together, toes forward, a dumbbell in each hand. Step forward with right foot and bend knee – lower hips till left knee is just a few inches off the floor. Push with right leg raising yourself back to the starting position. Repeat and then do the same for left leg. Weeks 1-3 x16 reps each leg, 

Power Lunges.

Stand with arms loose by side holding weights. Step forward one stride from back foot and lower body down. Spring back to starting position pushing through heel of front foot. Repeat each leg. Weeks 4-5 x16 reps x 2 sets 

Star Jumps.

Stand with feet together, arms by side. Jump legs apart and as you do so lift arms out to side and up, so that you resemble a four point star. Jump legs back in bringing arms back to your side. This is one rep. Repeat. Weeks 1-3 x3 mins, Weeks 4-6 x5 mins 


Stand with feet hip width apart knees slightly bent. Bend knees to about 90 degrees allowing body to lean slightly forward. Keep heels on ground. Return to start position and repeat. Weeks 1-3 x16 reps 

Single leg squats.

This is an advanced exercise. Stand with feet hip width apart, one foot flat on floor and raise other leg so heel is about 3-5 inches off ground. Keeping back straight lower yourself as if sitting on an imaginary chair. Supporting leg should not bend to less than 90 degrees at back of knee. Repeat e/leg. Weeks 4-6 × 16 reps 

Press Ups.

Kneel with palms face down fingers forward, arms straight then extend legs so you are resting on your toes. Bend arms so you dip chest towards the floor then push back to the starting position. Keep your head in line with spine and don’t point bottom up. Repeat. Weeks 1-3 x16 reps, Weeks 4-6 x16 reps x 2 sets 

One arm dumbbell rows.

Start with right foot on floor and left knee resting on a bench or chair. Lean forward so left hand is on bend- back parallel with floor, and dumbbell in your right hand hanging down. Slowly bend elbow back pulling dumbbell up to body level. Lower to starting position. Repeat and then swap arms. Weeks 1-3 x16 reps, Weeks 4-6 x16 reps x 2 sets 

Knee high running.

Run on the spot bringing knees up as high as possible each time., Weeks 1-3 x3 mins, Weeks 4-6 x5 mins 

Reverse flye.

Stand with feet hip width apart and weights in each hand. Bend forward keeping back straight and weights hanging down in hands, thumbs facing inwards. Lift weights to sides keeping arms slightly bent until elbows are level with shoulders. Hold for 2 then return to start position. Repeat, Weels 1-3 x16 reps, Weeks 4-6 x16 reps x 2 sets 

Crunches Lie on floor.

Hands behind head, elbows out, knees up and feet flat on floor. Push lower back down and roll shoulders up, keeping knees and hips stationery. The lift is very small – your shoulders should only come a few inches off the ground. Hold the position for a count of one then slowly lower shoulders back to the floor – pushing lower back down all the time. Weeks 1-3 x20 reps 

Full crunches

This is the most advanced abdominal exercise. Lie on back with legs in the air, knees bent and hands either side of ears. Curl legs and pelvis towards ribs and at the same time curl shoulders forward. Lower slightly and repeat., Weeks 4-6 x20 reps x 2 sets 

Oblique crunches.

Lie on back knees bent, feet flat on floor hands by head. Slowly raise one should and elbow up towards outside of opposite thigh. Repeat & swap., 20 reps, 20 reps x 2 sets 


Position yourself so that toes are on the ground and elbows are supporting body, located directly below shoulders. Make sure there is a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Use your abdominals to hold this position. Weeks 4-6 x30 seconds 

Oblique bridge

Difficult abdominal exercise, Lie on side and position bottom elbow directly under shoulder. Place one foot on top of the other then raise yourself up, keeping a straight line from head to toes. Use oblique muscles to hold position. Weeks 4-6 x30 seconds

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