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AS part of your program you will receive advice and tips on diet and nutritional benefits, however in certain circumstances you may be advised to participate in a Nutritional Consultation which will include a 3 to 4 day food diary analyses, subject cover of all components of a healthy diet (what we need and what it’s for?), understanding food labels (important things to look out for), Supplements and meal suggestions.

Keeping it simple

In recent years, endless trendy diets that cut carbs, boost protein intake or skip entire groups of foods, have helped to make dieting a complicated business. Added to this, an increasing number of celebrities and so called nutrition experts have helped mislead people into thinking that dieting is all about restriction and denial. Is it any wonder then that most people have been left downright confused and miserable about what we should and shouldn’t be eating to shift those pounds?

But dieting doesn’t have to be complicated or an unhappy experience. In fact, there’s really only one word you need to remember if you want to shift those pounds healthily and still eat your favorite foods. And that’s the Calorie!

10 Simple food swaps you can make every day (and won’t even notice!)

Swap This For This Save
 300ml Full fat milk(195 Calories)  300ml Skimmed milk(100 Calories)  95 Calories
 1 tsp Butter(35 Calories)  1 tsp Low fat spread(20 Calories) 15 Calories
 1 tbsp Vegetable oil(100 Calories)  10 Sprays of a spray oil(10 Calories)  90 Calories
 1 tap Sugar(16 Calories)  Artificial sweetener(0 Calories)  16 Calories
 1 tbsp Mayonnaise(105 Calories)  1 tbsp Fat free dressing(10 Calories)  95 Calories
 Regular sandwich(600 Calories)  Low fat sandwich(350 Calories)  250 Calories
 Can of cola(135 Calories)  Can of diet cola(0 Calories)  135 Calories
 Large (50g) packet of crisps(250 Calories)  Small (25g) packet of crisps(135 Calories)  115 Calories
1 Chocolate digestive(85 Calories) 1 Small chocolate chip cookie(55 Calories) 30 Calories
1 Slice thick cut Wholemeal bread (95 Calories) 1 Slice medium cut Wholemeal bread(75 Calories) 20 Calories

Make these simple swaps every day and in just four weeks you’ll lose 7lb!

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