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We have included a few Testimonials for your perusal, we hope they will give you an insight into a few of our currert clients their goals and exprience.

David, age 28

Since starting with AimforFitness 12 months ago I have noticed a big difference in my diet, activity level, general overall fitness and most importantly - mood. I used to be quite fit as I would train three times a week with my martial arts and play football twice a week for a local team however this level of training slowed and when I went to university it stopped! I tried Weight Watchers which helped me to lose a bit of weight before I started to plateau. I stopped going to Weight Watchers and started to feel awful again. I'd had enough and I googled for Personal Trainers in my area and AimforFitness came up. It works perfectly for me as Eamon turns up in the morning and I get my training done before I carry on with my day. Thanks to AimforFitness I'll get my fitness level back.

Jeff, age 41

I can’t believe it works! A bit sceptical to begin with as I did lots of sports when younger but as time went on and the sports slowed to a halt (due to work and family commitments) I started growing outwards. Before long I was sporting a beer belly. I tried to get into the gym scene but it seemed to have little or no results. Then with my 40th birthday looming I decided I had to do something about it, so I got in contact with Eamon and he literally conditioned me to the best shape of my life. Now everybody says I look 10 years younger. My only regret is I did not find him sooner.

Jay, age 22

I was involved in a motor cycle accident at 19 and severely damaged my ankle. After several operations things still were not working right. I must admit I was giving up hope I was not in a good place. Walking was limited, sport was nonexistent which I missed. Two years passed before I was put into contact with Eamon, who turned things around after twelve weeks. I am much stronger, eat healthier and have just completed my first 5k run (in 27 minutes) Fantastic!

Miranda, age 23

I was looking forward to my much needed holiday but not the swimsuit bit. As it was going to be on a boat there was no escape, I just needed to lose a few pounds really. Just back from Uni the fast food had taken its toll but after six weeks I had lost an amazing 7 inches from my waist! Thanks Eamon I couldn't have done it with out you. (What a great holiday!)

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